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New Products & Announcements / Re: Pencil Poppers back in stock!
« Last post by Out Fishing on June 17, 2018, 05:09:38 pm »
Doctor Salty stick baits got turned today  bananalama bananalama
New Products & Announcements / Re: Customer Service The Good the bad and the Ugly...
« Last post by Out Fishing on May 19, 2018, 12:39:13 pm »


New Products & Announcements / Customer Service The Good the bad and the Ugly...
« Last post by Out Fishing on May 04, 2018, 05:39:39 pm »
As many know here, we've been in business for 18 years with advertising only by word of mouth. I post about all the great things people say about us. Along with this, every once in a while someone comes along that really gets their panties in a wad that no matter what you do we're wrong. This time this miscreant filed a BBB complaint over $5 in lips.... I'm not afraid to tell the truth here...what follows below is and exact print of the BBB complaint and our response. I'm sure BBB is going to "sanitize" this so I'd like to preserve here. My response is nothing but the facts. This person will now cause irreparable harm to both Denise & myself business. Forever this can now be seen online on the BBB site...Note all entries were put in as shown. Nothing hidden.  I can't believe I just wasted a single moment of time responding to this. My intent here to to have a permanent record so when the online sand throwing starts somewhere this can be referred to. (glad I'm not on fishing forums anymore) At no time was I "short tempered" but I am now... Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the soap opera.

Customer's original complaint:
I ordered several of the same parts from Saltys, over four separate orders, spaced out over a few months. About 1/3 of the parts are non-conforming. I've encountered this issue on two separate occasions, and both times contacted Saltys for assistance. In my experience, Saltys has reluctant to search for the root cause of the non-conforming parts, and reluctant to take accountability for these mistakes. The only form of customer service is via email, wherein you will be dealing with Scott the company owner. In my experience, Scott has been aggressive, short-tempered and difficult to deal with.

Customers desired resolution:
ExchangeSaltys will work to find the root cause of this recurring mistake, and based on the findings will improve their inspection and/or quality control proceduresSaltys will send me 5 of the correct parts to replace the 5 non-conforming parts I received in my most recent order.

Dear BBB & Stephen Antonelli + all the millions of people who will now see this online forever as a mark against my company. Mr Antonelli purchased from us a total of 5 times from 12/24/17 to 4/18/18, out of 5 orders he complained three times. 18 years manufacturing this product and he is credited with being the only person to ever complain about this part. And heís only ordered 16 miscellaneous in 4 months by my count out of approximately 15000 of this part sold in the last 18 years.
His first complaint was about parts in hand being different. He ordered 4 different sizes. We sent him, at our expense, complete new parts that we inspected for what he complained about. We did not ask for the old parts back. (Iím positive this person took advantage of this and used them on lures he sold for a profit, more on this later). $5 in parts and $9 to ship out of pocket on a $38 order.
His second complaint was about size of nose grommets being different length when purchased 2 packages, 3 months from each other. That was addressed with him at the time also as they are bought whatever length the distributor has in stock. They are minimum 3/16Ē long. For the application they are sold for, length is not critical. (These are $4.29 for a package of 25 pieces) For the record he was also sent a new package of nose grommets also completely at our expense. (I believe he also complained about this this too that he didnít receive them fast enough and I was holding his production up)
The third complaint was accompanied by a picture showing parts of 2 different sizes on 3 lures. Again this order was for multiple sizes which matched the picture. At this point weíve expended time and money to make things correct with this person without success. Mr Antonelli was instructed to return the pieces he was unhappy with per our return policy (even opened) and he would receive 100% credit. A copy of the relevant parts of this return policy linked on every page of the website, via email and on order receipts is below. He responded with some very nasty email at which point we refused to deal with him further and have not received the items being complained about back.
So now heís gone and filed a complaint with the BBB over this. I got back from traveling today and saw this over $5 in items and think this is one of the lowest miscreant things that someone could do. This complaint is going to sit and fester on the BBB website forever now, potentially costing me thousands in sales and a ding on an otherwise good record. (Am not a BBB member and never will be, it is a dues paying organization but yet is allowed to publish trash complaints such as this). 100% 7 day return policy and 18 years in business, thousands of satisfied customers a year worldwide with our only advertising by WORD OF MOUTH. Why did he keep ordering if he was so unhappy? Response not expected nor wanted. Just saying. 
Today Mr Antonelli received his entire $35 credit card charge back for his last order including shipping. Not for the 5 ($1) parts he complained about, for the entire order. Iíll be posting this response on my website for the entire world to see also in case itís on the BBB site edited along with the complaint. He is not getting the resolution he so adamantly desires. He has been told not to contact here again.
We feel that we have gone above and beyond what would be expected to make this customer happy, even accepting a loss. How much more can a person expect than whatís already been done.
Mr Antonelli what is your Federal Excise Tax Exemption number or your Employer ID number to prove youíre legally selling fishing lures? You wouldnít be illegally profiting off sales of fishing lures and committing Federal tax evasion would you? Would love to see even a redacted copy of a IRS Form 637 or a 720Ö.yea we wonít see that will we? Send it to the BBB. Donít hold your breath.
Relevant section of returns policy here:

 Decide you don't like a size or color? For all un-opened merchandise in original condition we allow a 7 day no hassle return. Refunds are provided as a store credit.  Click
HERE to see instructions for return.*We cannot accept returns on any open or used product, wood squares, lead, plug bodies or liquids* due to hazmat regulations and re-packaging.It is the customers responsibility to insure, properly re-package, and return ship pieces for return.
 Items that have been opened will not be accepted for return unless it is clearly evident that the package was damaged in shipping.  No claims for damages after 7 days from receipt of package. Salty's will accept returns for replacement of any lures/parts found defective from manufacturing within the first 90 days of purchase.  Product is exchanged/repaired at our discretion.  Returns must be accompanied by a copy of your sales receipt for date verification. This return policy supersedes any return policy offered by your form of payment.  Returns for problems are VERY few and far between but given the volume our shop puts out it's possible to occasionally have a problem with a lure/part-we're human and can miss something (although we try REAL hard not to). 
 If a lure/part is deemed defective and cannot be repaired we will ship you a replacement at no extra charge to you.
  Returns for any other reason are not accepted. 
 Occasionally we may ship a lure of the wrong color or type, if this should happen please accept our sincere apologies, we do sometimes make mistakes and we're happy to make it right, please contact us asap.

Damage from fishing, ie rocks, bluefish, etc is considered normal wear and tear and not a defect. As our lures are hand-made there can be minor imperfections, grain, etc that does not affect their use-ability and adds to the character of the lure. We very closely inspect every lure and any that don't meet our quality control are marked as a blem or marked up as a mackerel back lure to distinguish it from first class product. Any kits that don't meet our quality control standards are discarded or sold by the box on our lure forum.  Blemished lures are sold from time to time and they are minor paint blems or slight misdrills etc, these lures are sold as is without any warranty implied...and the price reflects this. We sell blemishes only when available and at shows. Online pictorials are guides for kit assembly only. We reserve the right to make changes to any of our lures without notice.  Submission of an order is an acknowledgement of the receipt and acceptance of our terms and conditions. A link to these sales policies is posted at the bottom of every page of the cart.  Submission of an order on the website acknowledges you have read these sales policies and agree to abide by their terms.
 Sportfishing Excise Tax All items under 150lb test are subject to the Federal sportfishing excise tax. Items which are exempt such as wood squares and other misc items on the site are not subject to the excise tax. If you are excise tax exempt (form 637) we need a copy of this form filled out and emailed or faxed to us with your order: Excise Exemption Certificate  Some people don't understand what the excise tax is administered by the IRS for the purpose of raising money for your local state fish & wildlife programs. It funds access, stocking programs, enforcement, kids programs etc. Unfortunately there's many who skirt the tax operating out of their basements and garages and it hurts all fishermen. As a legal US manufacturer of fishing tackle we are required to collect and pay this tax on every item we sell that can embellish, increase the effectiveness of, improve the durability or appearance of any lure whether it has hooks or not, or is normally a product used in fishing. We break the tax out from each item to show it as a separate line item. Excise tax is paid on the constructive sales price of each item. Monies collected are given to your states F&W funds by the IRS and cannot be used for general state business. More information can be obtained here:
Saltwater Forum / Beach access article
« Last post by Out Fishing on April 23, 2018, 04:53:09 am »
New Products & Announcements / Totally not fishing or lure related.
« Last post by Out Fishing on April 17, 2018, 04:40:05 pm »
I rarely send more than one announcement on the forum very regularly, much less two within a week or so. This post is totally not about anything fishing related.

It's about ELEPHANTS...

I happened to catch a youtube video this afternoon in my GOPRO feed. I watched the video and was very much appreciative of what these people are doing after watching. I googled this foundation and was impressed enough by what I saw that I made a donation. I invite anyone who sees this to do the same. I have zero affiliation with this organization. I just think that someone who makes a difference in this world doing what these people are doing should get a shout out any chance possible.

What follows is the form reply I got for the donation, I'm including here as it tells a little about their operation and has the links to their site. The Youtube link is on the bottom. Great video.

Dear Scott,
We are sincerely grateful for your generous donation as your support empowers us to make a difference for African Wildlife.
Hand-rearing orphans of such a long-living species as elephants and rhinos is a lengthy commitment; an elephant is a milk dependent infant for its first 3 years and will remain dependent on their keepers until at least 10 years of age. To date the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) has successfully raised over 200 orphaned elephants with as many as 30 in the nursery at any one time and a further 70 keeper dependent orphans at our Tsavo Reintegration Units in Voi, Ithumba and Umani, with the remaining individuals now living wild.
Last year we were blessed five times when Ex Orphan Ndara had her first born, Neptune, and Ex Orphan Kinna had her first baby, Kama. Those two delightful births were followed by Yattas second born calf, little Yoyo,  Nasalots first born, Nusu, and Sunyei's first born Siku born on the 22nd October. This year we were delighted to welcome Seraa's first born Solar on the 8th February, which brings a total of 29 wild born babies across all our units.
To ensure the safety of our orphans, as well as wild elephants and others, the DSWT also funds five Mobile Veterinary Units, a Sky Vet Initiative, ten DSWT/KWS Anti-Poaching Teams, Aerial Surveillance Units and a Canine Unit; all working in conjunction with the Kenya Wildlife Service to protect Kenyas wildlife heritage. Since inception the Mobile Veterinary Units have saved hundreds of wild animals, including elephants wounded by poison arrows, spears and bullets, whilst the DSWT/KWS Anti-Poaching teams not only have apprehended hundreds of poachers, removed countless snares and prevented other man-made threats to the invaluable Tsavo Ecosystem. Both the DSWT/KWS Anti-Poaching and Vet Units are supported by our eyes in the skies through our Aerial Surveillance Team. We now operate seven aircraft, including two helicopters, all of which act as a deterrent to illegal activities over a vast landscape.
The ongoing practical assistance the Trust has been able to give the Kenya Wildlife Service has been invaluable. Among many significant contributions, one has been the installation and maintenance of boreholes making water available in an arid and thirsty land, and relieving pressure on Tsavo East National Park's only two permanent rivers.  Another has been the installation and ongoing maintenance of electric fencing along sensitive Park boundaries both in Northern Tsavo East and also the Nairobi National Park. The DSWT takes pride in being sufficiently flexible to meet unforeseen contingencies as and when they occur, ever aware that we owe this to the support of our many donors worldwide who have empowered us to be so proactive.
The Trust's Community input is equally as important, if not more so, for the future of Kenya's wild heritage lies in encouraging a more enlightened and caring younger generation. We endeavour to instill in young Kenyans the need for compassion and an appreciation of their rich wildlife heritage encouraging an innate reverence for life and the marvels of the Natural World. Animal ethics and concern for the welfare of others that share our planet are the cornerstones on which to build a caring and honorable Nation who will be good custodians of their national heritage and more caring of one another, without viewing animals as a mere commodity that can be exploited inhumanely and cruelly for the benefit of humankind.
As well as our website, you can keep constantly up to date with our conservation work on Facebook Instagram and Twitter Once again we thank you most sincerely for your help which, as always, is deeply appreciated.
Most Sincerely,
Angela Sheldrick

GoPro: Orphan Elephants From Kenya
New Products & Announcements / Pencil Poppers back in stock!
« Last post by Out Fishing on April 14, 2018, 08:36:43 am »
Spring greetings! Looks like we made it through winter! This morning we updated the website with both the 2 oz and 2.5 oz pencil popper kits are now back in stock!

Fish are starting to show up all over. Nice warm temps down south has got everything on the move!

KTP has a fresh stock of lures we invite you to visit them in Kittery Maine!

Something NEW in wood coming soon is the new DOCTOR SALTY stickbaits...stay tuned!
Saltwater Forum / Re: Introduce Yourself
« Last post by Out Fishing on March 19, 2018, 04:27:02 am »
Welcome Frank!
Saltwater Forum / Re: Introduce Yourself
« Last post by Out Fishing on March 18, 2018, 06:07:19 pm »
Hello. Even though I am an experienced MA/NC surf caster, I have never fished the CC Canal. This year I will however. Have gear will travel. If anyone would be so kind as to take on a Canal rookie for tag along I would be grateful. Also happy to buy bait if you teach me how to use it!  Experienced night fisher, know plugs and fish behavior well, can throw a plug a mile. But Canal naive and willing to learn.
Saltwater Forum / Re: Introduce Yourself
« Last post by Out Fishing on March 18, 2018, 05:18:13 pm »
Frank Warren, I live in VT, fish North Shore Ma. Going to fish the Cape Cod canal more this year, just started making plugs can't wait to try them....
Plug / Lure Building Forum / Re: Post your kit pictures
« Last post by Out Fishing on March 16, 2018, 03:19:31 am »
Wow havent posted here in a long time. Love to see the pics of what people do. Charlie hit this out of the PARK  :bhappy:
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