We're the Diamond in your Tackle Bag! Salty's wood lures are your source for stripersonline!

We're the Diamonds in your Tackle Bag!
Hand-Made Wood Fishing Lures, Block Surf Tins, Striper fishing Lures, Wood Surf Plugs,
Fishing Lure Kits and Lure Building Hardware / Complete Plug Building Supplies

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Why use Salty's Lures?


When you buy a Salty's lure you can expect to receive a product that is top quality and will catch you fish every time!

What you won't see is fancy TV displays in a shop, or high priced lures or bait and switch advertising.
What you will see is great quality and proven fish catching plugs at a fair price.. all backed by a reputation that is second to none in the industry!
Salty's is my only business and it's a 7 day a week job keeping up with demand!


Wood lures are unique. Like a fingerprint, every one is different.
Wood lures have the best action of any lure, and they're the most fun to fish!

To be able to make a hand crafted wood lure fool a fish is one of the neatest things in fishing...
and it's what draws alot of people to fish just wood lures.
Wood lures have a very subdued sound to them in the water...
A sound that plastic etc cannot duplicate!
This is a very large advantage at times to keep from spooking fish with funny noises.
Given the choice of a mass produced lure with cheap components
or a Salty's lure, the Salty's lure wins hands down,
and our excellent feedback from shops and customers shows this!

Today everyone says they make the best, or use the best components etc, but the bottom line is it's hoopla and marketing. 
We buy our components in bulk directly from the same manufacturers. Same components (split rings, swivels, etc) that everyone else uses.
But our difference is we make every single lure and most custom parts completely in-house. 
We control every step of the process from manufacturing the metal lips to finished packaging and shipped to a store or fisherman near you. We manufacture our own computer controlled machines geared directly towards building lures.
We have a fully equipped machine shop for machine and part fabrication to support our processes from start to finish!
By utilizing this capability we can fabricate and build parts to support our machines that enable us to save steps and time,
increase efficiency, while creating some of the highest quality wood lures available anywhere in the world.
Currently Salty's uses custom designed 7 computer operated CNC machines in every step of the process.
(Checkout our YouTube channel for some neat videos on how some of this is done)
We use top quality American made products on every lure we make. 
Tried and true components that have been used for decades.
The exception to this USA made policy is our VMC hooks which are made in France and some Krok swivels which are made in China.

No gimmicks here just affordable lures that catch fish!

Not only do we use top quality USA components, but our finish is top quality too!
We've spent considerable time to make these the best they can be and take pride in every lure we make.

Salty's Lures are designed for light tackle fishing, boat or surf,
using typically 10-20 lb test line class is preferred although many use higher for larger gamefish species.

Wood lures have actions unmatched by their plastic cousins.
Early striped-bass fisherman discovered this and the tradition now continues!

 Salty's lures have been used to catch fish worldwide including Stripers, Bluefish, Bonito, False Albacore,
Blue fin Tuna, Grouper, Giant Trevally, Amberjack, Queenfish, and more!



The manufacturing process...

Salty's Lures are born from only the finest hand selected stock. Wood is chosen for grain, length and direction, and cut to our exact specifications at mills in the USA and Canada. Select slow growth woods from Red & Yellow Birch to Soft & Hard Maple, Specialty Cedars and Pacific Cypress are used to ensure tight grain and maximum density. Each lure represents a different type of wood, and only the finest squares are selected after being vacuum dried to a moisture content of 8% or less.
In addition we air dry our own pine to control every step of the process.


Each lure blank is cut to length. Custom built sophisticated high speed computerized machinery cross bores each blank for a perfect meet every time.
We have found that investing in specialized machinery is proper to being able to turn out a good high quality lure at an affordable price! We are the only custom wood lure maker with a fully integrated machine shop also for full tooling support & construction.


Each lure is turned and sanded 3 times in progressive steps on a high speed backnife production or computerized CNC lathe.
The cnc lathe cuts the kit bodies at a faster rate than can be achieved by hand with replication specs spot on every time!
Unlike many other companies who choose to outsource their products, all turning and operations are handled in our modern manufacturing facility to ensure that each lure meets our specifications-we can control everything in-house for truly the finest quality possible!
In 2008 we purchased a large hopper-fed backnife lathe to dedicate just to kit manufacturing for even faster production!


After the lure is turned it then goes to another computerized CNC machine which precisely drills each part of the body.
This machine drills a complete 9 hole lure in under 26 seconds.
Don't try this at home :)


Additional functions such as lip slots, cupped faces, etc are performed.
Each lure is handled an average of 14 times from start to finish.

To make a good wood lure it requires many carefully processed steps and close attention is required to ensure entire production batches carefully match. Because of our computerized CNC machinery we can manufacture each run exactly the same as the previous!


Lures are sealed multiple times to prevent water intrusion and splitting.
Proper preparation is crucial to a well performing lure!
It's one of the things that sets us apart from everyone else.

Our exclusive hand mixed pigments are designed to be within the window of most gamefish vision ranges for optimum visibility in the water!
This enhances the predatory instincts of large gamefish because it most closely matches what a real baitfish looks like!
In 2003 Salty's was the first wood lure company to work with the top special effects pigment manufacturers
to achieve finishes that some are just starting to advertise today!

Actual light microscope bright field and scanning electron images of
one of our custom color pigment mixes.


Hand assembly and packaging is the final process before shipping to shops and customers worldwide. This is where final quality control is given and any remaining "seconds" are removed. We utilize only the highest quality components made in the USA, and with the use of space age glues and specialized pigments, Salty's Lures are old world technology lures with a high tech advantage!



And the end result is a happy face or a return picture from an excited fisherman!


The comments and pictures that our customers send are proof that Salty's plugs do what counts...

They catch fish at an affordable price!

Salty's Lures...The Diamonds in your Tackle Bag!

Salty's is Safe and Secure for online transactions!


Salty's ships worlwide!

All images and pages Copyright 2002-2019 by Scott Bullock/Salty's

**Free/Flat rate shipping does not include lead, liquid items, wood squares or oversize items.
These items may be additional depending on size & weight. 
All items under 150lb are subject to Federal Sportfishing Excise tax.
More information can be found on our sales policies page.

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