Author Topic: SALTY'S KIT INSTRUCTIONS & FINISHING TIPS  (Read 4115 times)

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I constantly get questions on how to finish kits and how pieces fit together.

THIS page has everything in one place. I've tried to make the link to this as conspicuous as possible but many still miss it. Have never figured out why LOL

Note: Pictures in the pictorials typically try to show the object from multiple angles if we think they may be hard to identify.
Just because a picture has 2 items in it doesn't mean there is two of those to be installed in the kit.

At some point in the future I have an idea of putting together a FAQ page or maybe even a forum with each Question stickied.

There is a lure forum above this forum that has more stickied information such as sealing, painting etc.

ALSO reminder to test fit all your pieces before you do any sealing or painting. Know how the lure fits together before you make it pretty. It will help you overall in the assembly.
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