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FAQ Lure building
« on: January 01, 2016, 12:59:02 pm »
>Message I recently purchased several 1.5 oz Little Troublemakers and 1 0z Lil Buggers. I was wondering about adding belly weights so they would cast farther, are they necessary or will they cast well without them?

I have never tried. They were never a real good caster like other heavier weighted lures. Metal lips dont' cast well due to size and lip. If you add belly wt then you would have to test swim them. Not sure it would be worth it. They wag right on top nice just got to accept what they cast. Try to match the rod to the lure size and go light on some braid or fluoro. The more weight you add in the back for castability will reduce the tail action of the lure. If you add weight to the front it may cast worse or foul. You want those to tail wag right on top just like a bunker swimming on the surface.
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