Author Topic: A40 SR Lips back in stock & More!  (Read 103 times)

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A40 SR Lips back in stock & More!
« on: March 03, 2019, 06:34:37 am »
Today we put the A40Senior lips back in stock after a very extended period of backorder. The good news is I got LOTS done so they will last for a bit! New pics in links below and on site!
Available here:

RISAA is coming up QUICK! And so are the fish! With spring less than 3 weeks away, and flowers poking out of gardens, we should start to see some herring soon! I've heard several reports recently of some "funny" water going through the canal....that is definitely going to be the first slug of arrivals!

Checkout the new Outcaster Pencil! We already sold out of the first batch of kits and are adding another load to inventory this week!

Some great new stuff coming on the website this week stay tuned!

Remember to like us on Facebook! We've been posting alot of pics on there! Be safe and enjoy the snow! (ducking and running)  bananalama

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