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4 Oz Conrad Sr Metal Lip Swimmer Lure Kits

7.5" long and 4 Oz size, stainless steel thru-wired this is a copy of an original Danny Pichney Conrad Sr metal lip swimmer,
right down to the original Conrad style lips which reduced roll and give a nice tight wiggle swim at a very slow retrieve.
All kits are sanded out to 150 grit and require minimal sanding.

Very nice swim action and is designed primarily as a big bass lure. Casts very well for a metal lip swimmer too!
All components are included except for split rings and hooks which we recommend a pair of VMC 3/0 treble hooks
for the belly and a dressed buck tail stub on the tail of  this lure.

We use only USA made components in our kits!

Very simple retrieve on this lure, it will dig down 4-6' or more on a slow retrieve.
This swimmer is a good intermediate kit. It requires gluing the lip in, gluing the weight in, minor sanding, and painting/finishing.
These kits are all turned on our dedicated kit cnc machine and drilled with precision and duplication second to none!

Can be painted with Salty's Lure Paint, Createx Air brush paints, or with acrylic paints and a small brush from AC Moore,
let them dry thoroughly and coat with a few coats of clear spray paint or brush with epoxy etc in thin coats for more durability.
Lures need to be finish sealed to prevent water intrusion. Checkout our Super Coat, it makes a great wood sealer and Top Coat!

Conrad SR Metal Lip Swimmer Kit WITH EYES
Qty: Price: $9.00

Conrad SR Metal Lip Swimmer Kit NO EYES
Qty: Price: $9.00

Optional Rear Bucktail Stub-White
Qty: Price: $2.09
Optional Rear Bucktail Stub-Black
Qty: Price: $2.09

Here's the eyeless version also with a few of the original Danny lures in my collection!



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