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New Products & Announcements / RISAA Show coming up!
« Last post by Out Fishing on February 16, 2019, 08:37:13 pm »
Salty & crew spending lots of time getting ready for the NE Saltwater Show!

This year will be doing an all new lure seminar. Anyone who is interested in building lures, this is a don't miss event! One seminar Saturday and one Sunday!

In addition, outside of the seminar, if someone would like get some hands on help with tail wraps or any questions please stop by our booth and ask! Only request is to please do this when booth is not at peak gets crazy at times!

If you have a son or daughter you would like to do a project with, stop in and mention you saw this will be worth your while!

Will have the new OutCaster pencil available as kits at the show also!

New Products & Announcements / Re: NEW
« Last post by Out Fishing on February 14, 2019, 09:39:49 pm »
New Products & Announcements / Re: Coming up!
« Last post by Out Fishing on January 29, 2019, 05:52:31 pm »
 :bhappy: :bhappy: :bhappy: :bhappy: :bhappy:

New Products & Announcements / Coming up!
« Last post by Out Fishing on January 27, 2019, 09:08:49 pm »
Happy Pre Superbowl to all! Sure hope the Pats do it again.  :bhappy:

Second of new announcements for 2019!

I have signed the purchase order & contracted for the tooling to make the large .343 size belly grommets that fit larger #1 and 1/0 Krok swivels. We will soon have these available in major quantities in nickel plated brass. Very soon!

The new Dalton Special kit is being kitted this week and hope to have on the website shortly!

The RISAA plug building Seminar/presentation for Saturday & Sunday has progressed very nicely! Hope to put the finishing touches on the Powerpoint doc this week! I think you will like this and I expect this to be a big draw! Some of the topics include: Different types of lures, what makes a good lure and why, actions, techniques & more! Stay tuned!

Remember to check us out on Facebook! Have been posting lots of new pictures as finished lures get done for Spring!

FINISHED LURE orders over $125 this week only will ship free anywhere in Continental USA. We will credit the cost of shipping to your order before it's processed. If paid via Paypal we will credit back the shipping cost when the order is processed. No kits, wood, wire, etc etc etc., Finished Lures only! No Hawaii or Alaska sri. We will do this on any Finished Lure orders until midnight Friday! After that it's back to the all new USPS rates. Yes they went up another dollar tomorrow!

Comments from beta testing in Florida...untouched except for location removed.

“First cast into a pocket along the shore of ####### Island got a 22" snook; hooks are good.  Action is GREAT; sputters great.  Sits at an angle with the rear hook down just right for a fish to get.  It works great as a sputterbait; works good as a walk-the-dog bait.  Noisy.  We needed that because we were in about 3' of dingy water.

Got another snook, same size,same place on the second cast.  These aren't big fish; just very aggressive.
That was it for that spot.  Caught one sea trout a little further along and then we decided to move on to fish for sea trout in deeper water; could not get one to come up and went to a jig/gulp.  We caught over 50 trout in 8 - 10 feet of water; mostly just at the legal length of 15", enough 16" that we could have limited if we'd kept any.

No camera unfortunately... forgot the phone... but I often leave it since $1000 phones don't do well with me, cast nets, salt water and fast boat.

I'll get on to test the others soon... but the #2 can't be improved upon.  If the rear floats a little higher, may get a little more action; but I doubt it.  Balance is perfect.  Lure doesn't spin even when retrieving fast; very stable.
That old design is just good!!”

Just typed this all out and went to upload and lost it. Hopefully this works again.

Lotsa news for 2019!

On a mad quest to empty bins in the shop this week! So when you got full bins of squares you make BIN POPPERS!
These weigh just about 1oz unfinished, so should be around 1.5oz finished, screw eye or easily through drilled for wiring!
Many will recognize this body from our beginners body bag assortment! $1.50 on the site at:

NEW FACEBOOK PAGE! Like us at: We will be posting more and more there! Have been putting some neat pics there from in the shop already!

The 2019 RISAA Show is fast approaching and we’re in contact with them to do a seminar this year! This is one you will not want to miss! Plug Building 101- You can make great lures too!

Yesterday we did a fresh restock of the Micro Cuttyhunk Popper Kits! These have been out of stock for some time. They are now available again here:

3 Oz DAHTAH KITS are returning….should be ready as time permits sometime around the RISAA show or thereafter. Started cutting blanks today!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST! Several years ago we were asked by a longtime customer to consider doing a kit “Dalton Special” lure that was in production more than 100 years ago. He had sent me a sample which was one of the last lures he had. We went as far as cutting blanks and then life got in the way. They sat. Several weeks ago while doing some cleanout in the shop I realized that I owned multiple sizes of this lure. Wow did my mind get in motion. One of the reasons these sat is I couldn’t come up with a decent way of making these due to the profile…well it finally hit me how to do this simply and I ran a bunch to get to “proof of concept”. The bodies are now done and the initial 3 beta samples are currently in Marco Island Florida for testing. Pending the outcome of this we should have these on the site soon. Addition information and pictures are on the Facebook page:
In addition, Ed Bauries has a GREAT page dedicated to this lure on his Antique Florida Lure website at: GREAT history read and I invite you to check it out!
Stay Tuned more to come for 2019 from Saltys!
New Products & Announcements / Re: NEW
« Last post by Out Fishing on January 06, 2019, 05:19:37 pm »
First of the new Dalton Special kits done and will be sending some samples to Marco Island this week for beta testing! Just over 3/8oz and SPOT ON attitude in the water. Love it when a plan comes together! I can see why this was such a popular lure more than 100 years ago!!

More info on our Facebook page!
New Products & Announcements / Happy New Year From Saltys!
« Last post by Out Fishing on December 30, 2018, 12:04:22 pm »
Both myself & Denise hope everyone has a fantastic and SAFE New Year! 2019 Yikes!

Checkout our new Facebook page at and hit the Like button! Would like it if people would post their kit pictures on there to show others what they are doing! So much creativity out there!

For all those who got gift certificates for Xmas, feel free to email me if you have questions or need help with selecting the right lures etc! Always glad to help! For those of you who got that new ugly sweater for next year....well we'll just leave that alone..can't help there LOL


Today I added both some Large Frech Style Banana Kits and some 20FB swimmer kits back on the site. Ltd quantity on both and there will not be more this winter due to time constraints so get while you can! Next week we start prepping for the 2019 Risaa show! Time flies its that time already!
New Products & Announcements / Re: A VERY MERRY Christmas!
« Last post by Out Fishing on December 23, 2018, 07:26:23 pm »
Merry Christmas All!
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