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New Paint kits coming
« on: January 30, 2015, 01:31:46 pm »
So last year I came up with the idea of putting together a paint kit, I did all the legwork including picking colors and putting everything together. This was done with a company I did business with for many years. Unfortunately someone there saw what I was doing and took it upon themselves to start advertising my paint kits to everyone else in the industry. Never told me they were doing this so you can imagine how I felt when I open a trade magazine and see this...after putting in a very large order weeks earlier.

I dumped them.  I won't do business with anyone who stabs me in the back.. We did very well with the stuff and it was great paint except they obviously felt it was better to undercut my cost and sell to others for cheaper. Shame.

So I've been researching alternatives and have come up with a whole package from primer to base coats to color coats and epoxy finish coat which we will soon be offering on the site. I've tested the stuff and it works well so have high confidence that people will be very happy using it.

In addition we will be bringing in not only the Badger Airbrush line but Aztec airbrushes too! Other products we're looking at are a line of foils, CA glues and more!

Stay tuned!
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